My name is Terry Davis, welcome to my website.

This is my public website for my professional presence, The content is about what I'm interested in or what I'm working on -- it's not complicated.

My interests are varied and I touch on many topics from particle physics to the semantic web and try to grok each as best as I can at the time, given that this is in a few largely disparate areas this can be confusing even for me. If something seems inaccurate or unconventional please bear with me, I do actually do the math on things eventually.

I've made countless versions of my blog, this iteration is a gulp project from yo with bootstrap bits and pieces and just a few tweaks.

Please check back for changes and updates, my portfolio has professional news and code that I've been playing with and check my blog for my day to day musings. And for the latest version of my life story suitable for ablog check my about link.

My public github is available here, but I keep my projects private for the most part.