Emma is back

I'm resurrecting Emma's UI on the Web, just for fun and for something new to work on. This version dates from last year, and is partially functional at this point.

I still have not decided where/when/how to manage the backend environment.

This will be fun

Not the Higgs Boson

Something, maybe

CERN has fired up the black hole machine again, this time just smashing small pieces, statistically counting the 'dust' and declaring something, anything that fits standard model.

I'm not being critical, but its less than we all think, and more than we can possibly understand.

We call that science.

Science or Not

GUT'is or GU aint

More updates on not much. I've been catching up on reading, and review math while completing Stanfords GUT lecture series, disappointed that there isnt more meaningful math.

I'm fairly convinced that although the math seems to work for many things seperately in nature, that there is something basic we are missing. Even if super symmetry worked, would it mean anything?

Mostly this is brought about by the lack of consistency with CERN empirical results w/r/t the Higgs boson theroretical predictions.

Not a big fan of 'fine tuning'. Sorry Dr. Suskind.

I am quite amazed that there is this degree of uncertainty in many of the things we take to granted, which as it turns out may just be approximations based on empirical measurements, in everything.

Analysis Engine Updates

Extra Fun Doing Math

I am not much for rigor, two or three of similar things and I usually want the next 2 things.

But it was a fun morning reviewing integrals, anti-derivatives, and integration methods.

The objective is a manifold engine, n-space, and fill in the math between dimensions later.

...and it can be used for simpler economic models, oil analysis, healthcare, weather.

Some Random Stuff

An Analysis Engine Concept

I have tried the online math engines and 'rule' engines and find them incredibly wanting.

Mathematica is an amazing tool, but way too much work for the focused tasks in my analysis projects. Besides I'd rather not code in FORTRAN- or its FORTRAN-lite ever again, so I'm componentizing concepts I need, and leaving provisions for external libraries and objects.

Salient points

  • data models for source data, probably considering lisp and the autoparser I'm also working on.
  • integration engines for integration
  • multivariable, nestable, transformable

note: diagram innaccurate and imcomplete

All The Latest


Everything is the really. I continue in all my projects as best I can.

I finished the string theory lecure series, starting on a couple others, reviewing Angular, writing now and then.

Architectures and Models

The more things seem the same...

..the more thing seem to change.

Pictures worth at least 10 words.

Across my list of projects there is a great deal of symetry in models and arhitectures, as a direct result of research in, and application to all kinds of data. Specifically the ontologies use this paradigm, and the weather data models use it for everything.

For weather data it a snapshot interpolation defines and instant, and and instance of the model.

It just gets more real.

Some things never change

Projects on my desk never seem to change much, the piles just get bigger and the projects more impossible yet its all fun.

The top of my research / todo list

  • architecture and data modelling for weather
  • emma the web bot -- currently backed up with security concerns, mine.
  • lisp in general, specifically lambda functions for data models
  • languages: french, german, spanish, italian, persian in that order roughly
  • a bunch of other stuff.

Another day, another blog.

And here we go again.

This iteration a gulp project from yo with bootstrap bits and pieces and just a few tweeks. If you ever wondered why you came here this iteration isn't going to turn on any lights for you, this is a personal blog and I post about what I'm interested in or what I'm working on -- its that complicated.

My interests are varied and I touch on topics and try to grok as best as I can at the time, given that this is in so many disparate areas this can be confusing even for me, bear with me I do actually do the math on things eventually.

Some things change.

The 'family'.

All the ears are on various nets here and there. With the new admin, there are many changes.

  • Thus I continue to interact in limited ways on the world wide web and contribute in meaningful ways when that is possible.
  • I continue with particle physics, the AI bots, and the analytic engine projects.