About Me

It Really Is All About Me

No, I mean just this page.

Part of my life is here, in the wires and ethers. I've been here forever it seems.

I am just a boy and his blog. I have worked for ABB, IBM, Delta, Honeywell, Target, GE, Honeywell Aerospace, DataCard, Wells Fargo, McGraw-Hill and many more.

I started working on real time projects; things like control systems for the electric utility industry. I then did some OS work for IBM, and for a long while consulted with a lot of great companies on a lot of great projects.

Some really cool stuff I've done

  • If you have one of those plastic boxes on your air conditioner or water heater associated with a power company energy management program, it was probably designed by me, or the protocol was, or both.
  • If you get a Delta boarding pass from one of those little machines in the airport, that part of the reservation system was designed by me.
  • If you go to a Target store and its not too hot or too cold, that system was designed by me.
  • If you are in Minneapolis and the traffic information system warns you about a traffic incident, lane closure or delay, that system was designed my me.
  • If you use IBM CSNA APPN or APPC on an IBM system, you probably use software that was designed by me.
  • If you are a terrorist and your mud hut was destroyed by a smart weapon, it was probably built with systems designed by me.
  • If you took tests online in college, yep, you guessed it.

I have a lot of interests and software is just one of them, who has the time to document everthing one does.

But thats just the official stuff...

I have many other interests, particle physics, music, cooking, yoga. Too much to even touch on. This is what comes from living a full life.