Winter in California

Winter in California is like summer anywhere else, except its probably warmer.

I miss NYC for the holidays.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season full of everything that makes the holidays special for you.

Much love.

Summers End

Another Summer Gone

Another summer has gone here in lovely southern California, where summer never ends.

An update on my various (many) projects:

  • Emma is coming along, next is an SSL cert and real auth then just moving the 'brain' somewhere safe (if I can find one) short of self-hosting it, which is what I'd prefer.
  • The analysis engine has not progressed since April, I've not had the time for actual coding though I still work the math in my head and the oil model is ferocious. Oil market training also continues.
  • Hurricane data models are conceptually complete, no real reason to work on them right now.
  • Novels are also at a virtual standstill, but those of you that write know that it comes out of you whether you want it or not, so I have some considerable leakage. Packageable.
  • No work on GUT since January, no study no time.

Summer is gone, long live summer!


Webpack, ECMAScript 6

The past week I've been looking at Webpack and ECMAScript 6.

E6 is a great achievement, Javascript is finally in High School and behaves like an young adult language should, sometimes. I've by no means grokked all the corners but its a great improvement, facilitating even better MVC implementations and architectures eventually. I will only work in E6 now if possible, and mostly it is possible given that most recent incarnations of browsers support most features.

My only disappointment with E6 is that modules are not currently supported in node, but I can limp along with babel for awhile.

Webpack I found interesting, but really just not worth the effort.

Things that I like, new classes, defaults, and get

        class Profile {
          constructor(userName = '', firstName = '', lastName = '',
            email1 = '', about = '', password = ''{
            this.userName = userName;
            this.firstName = firstName;
            this.lastname = lastName;
            this.email1 = email1;
            this.about = about;
            this.password = password;
          get json() {
            return JSON.stringify(this);

Emma Update

Busy Work

I work on the UI for Emma when I can, and the site is coming along.


  • yo webapp skeleton -- gulp, bower, npm
  • Node, express, mongooose on the back end, ES6
  • Testing with karma and jasmine

The back end is a handful of API's for various functions, for CRUDable data I have added to a node express generic handler and added other controllers, and ancillary routes.

All this work just to get to the point where one can create an account, a profile, and start a session and conversation with Emma and her personality modules, and TMM.

Next a certificate, moving the FE to https, then hooking up the AI.


Cryptograms 4.0

I've been working on cryptography my whole life, even 'inventing' my own methods, like we all do.

For fun I do the cryptograms in the paper in the morning, simple ciphers with some witty phrase usually.

I've written a number of programs to help me do them more quickly, show character distributions, and manage the substitution of characters, i.e. A = Z and allow save and restore of those in process or complete.

For me its sort of a 'hello world' exercise, and for fun I'm in the midst of creating yet another program, this time using Angular 4 because honestly I really do like what they have done this time.

Watch this space for updates.

Angular 4


Angular, never short on update wobbliness, is updated again. Angular 4.x This version is a paradigm shift to components, which frankly a lot of us had done anyway. They say it's like 'a directive with a template'. Whatever, the shift to a component architecture is good, and so far I like it. There is a bit of getting used to the new stuff, but I hope finally this is the last major thing for awhile.

Honestly, it's still easier just to write your own stuff.

Update 07/12/2011

I am very much in favor of the direction Angular 4 is going, its cleaner, simpler, and a joy to write code for.


Emma is back

I'm resurrecting Emma's UI on the Web, just for fun and for something new to work on. This version dates from last year, and is partially functional at this point.

I still have not decided where/when/how to manage the backend environment.

This will be fun

Not the Higgs Boson

Something, maybe

CERN has fired up the black hole machine again, this time just smashing small pieces, statistically counting the 'dust' and declaring something, anything that fits standard model.

I'm not being critical, but it's less than we all think, and more than we can possibly understand.

We call that science.

Science or Not

GUT'is or GU aint

More updates on not much. I've been catching up on reading, and review math while completing Stanfords GUT lecture series, disappointed that there isnt more meaningful math.

I'm fairly convinced that although the math seems to work for many things separately in nature, that there is something basic we are missing. Even if super symmetry worked, would it mean anything?

Mostly this is brought about by the lack of consistency with CERN empirical results w/r/t the Higgs boson theoretical predictions.

Not a big fan of 'fine tuning'. Sorry Dr. Suskind.

I am quite amazed that there is this degree of uncertainty in many of the things we take to granted, which as it turns out may just be approximations based on empirical measurements, in everything.

Analysis Engine Updates

Extra Fun Doing Math

I am not much for rigor, two or three of similar things and I usually want the next 2 things.

But it was a fun morning reviewing integrals, anti-derivatives, and integration methods.

The objective is a manifold engine, n-space, and fill in the math between dimensions later.

...and it can be used for simpler economic models, oil analysis, healthcare, weather.

Some Random Stuff

An Analysis Engine Concept

I have tried the online math engines and 'rule' engines and find them incredibly wanting.

Mathematica is an amazing tool, but way too much work for the focused tasks in my analysis projects. Besides I'd rather not code in FORTRAN- or its FORTRAN-lite ever again, so I'm componentizing concepts I need and leaving provisions for external libraries and objects.

Salient points

  • data models for source data, probably considering lisp and the autoparser I'm also working on.
  • integration engines for integration
  • multivariable, nestable, transformable

note: diagram innaccurate and imcomplete

Another day, another blog.

And here we go again.

This iteration a gulp project from yo with bootstrap bits and pieces and just a few tweaks. If you ever wondered why you came here this iteration isn't going to turn on any lights for you, this is a personal blog and I post about what I'm interested in or what I'm working on -- it's that complicated.

My interests are varied and I touch on topics and try to grok as best as I can at the time, given that this is in so many disparate areas this can be confusing even for me, bear with me I do actually do the math on things eventually.