The Other Thursday

Hot as in Chocolate

Its been chilly here in Caliornia. Soon its March and summer soon thereafter here.

Seems like I've said that before.

In this world theres not a lot new to report, some old tymie Java fun. I don't know why one wouldn't use JUnit, can you?

I did some semantic modelling last week, sort of synaptic madness, but that's exactly right.

So what exactly do you have in a triple if you did define them with an xsd specification?

I hope you don't understand that, but its true.

Other than that, things are falling into place, slowly. I'm thankful.

If its Thursday This Must Be Starbucks

C as in caffeinated

Here in California, winter is like a brisk NYC summer day with full sun. 65F is sweater weather.

But its soon March, and then summer again.

Having loads of fun at work, waiting and looking up.


I have my teams working on/in using ReactiveX everywhere on new development. Functional programming is your friend.

The Observe pattern is a little thick but is functional (geek pun.)

Functional programming, state diagrams, state-stack-o-rama, and observers, good stuff

I've also been working out AI challenges, and about where to take my triple store implementation. It'ts all about the query ovbiously, and that is a new mapping of natural language and syntax. Ding!

I also did some work on the analytical engine, how to map that with all of the above.

And I have 2.5 days off. First in awhile.

It's beer oclock.

Happy V Day

V As In Victory

We take victory where we can get it. I've started a new project, and will lead my teams onward.

Meanwhile the internet-of-things, AI, analysis-engine, and hurricane research continues.

We are the champions.

And we'll keep on fightin'

'til the end.

We are the champions -- cuz, we are the champions...

Of the world.

Highway 61 Revisited

Moving forward by moving backwards.

The past couple days for fun I've been reviewing. I took a second look at React and webpack.

React is incredibly simple and I can better understand its popularity particularly given the abundance of components available. Theres no state management per se but for a large class of applications React is quite appropriate. I'm reworking those chapters of my book.

I also reviewed and caught up with some other things like yarn, require, ES6, TypeScript, Microsoft Visual Studio (for Mac) and npm.

I also spent a half a day with redux so far as I'm adding a couple chapters to my book on the subject.

Modern MVC Architectures

I've been writing a book on model view controller architectures and the variants. There are many alternatives and frameworks and its a challenge to sort through the hype and evangelism to decide which alternative is best for a given application and problem domain.

In my book I examine each of the popular frameworks, and offer some thoughts on whats needed next to help sort through all that and perhaps set a direction from here.

I'll be moving parts of my book to a section on the blog, look for that in the next few days.

Link to the book sections Modern MVC Architectures

My favorite cover of the song by Johnny Winter Highway 61 Revisited


It's all about the RxJS.

I have always had a thing for functional programming, if you use Unix or Linux and '|' you know functional programming too.

I'm shifting my focus for the rest of the week to RxJS and may try to contribute on the next release.

More as things progress.

Link to the app tss

Observables And Triples

This Week's Focus: Observables.

I'm reworking some NG 5 apps. The latest tasks: using observables for http and pushing the CRUD into a service, this is really great stuff.

I've updated the and replaced bootstrap 3 with ng-bootstrap, replaced glyphicons with open icons, added delete modal, and an alert popup.

Link to the app tss


A Triplestore Using Mongo

I have a thing for graph databases. The past couple days I worked one up in node, node express, mongoose and mongo just for fun. At present its just a triplestore subject predicate object with not much thought about nodes, edges and graphs, and I'm not sure how far I'll take it, but it was fun to build. I added jasmine testing as a tangent.

Once I got it working I put it up on a google cloud instance and created an Angular 5 app to use it. The app is simple at present basic ReSTful CRUD. I'm not sure how far I'll take this app either but it is good to have a trple editor. Besides it was a chance to play with typescript NG 5 and components a little more.

I have removed the old version and this is the latest with observables and etc.

Link to the app tss

State Of The MVC

Things we knew already (?)

The site npm features an article on the state of javascript and MVC architectures.

Nothing here you probably didn't know already and providing little guidance for those of us that have to make the decisions. Overall even with the popularity of react in my opinion Angular is the safest bet, even if it uses typescript.

Link to the full article

A disclaimer: Why popularity doesn’t matter

This is an exploration of one particular metric and what it can tell us. It’s not our intention to suggest that everyone should always use the most popular framework. There are many metrics to help you decide which one to use, and frameworks vary enormously in scope and application. A framework that closely matches your specific application may not even be mentioned in this analysis but will still be the perfect framework for you.

Another Day, Another Reorg.

Things are moving

I've reorganinized this site in a minor way, if you're used to seeing this when you route to / its not there anymore and you didn't see this. Just thought I'd mention it.

This is typical of me for the end of year -- like the purge movie, anything not behind 3 inches of steel is at risk, in particular my websites, all 5 of them.

Please place your seatbacks and tray tables in the upright position.