Code Samples

Code Samples, Experiments and Etc

This is a gulp based project hosted on AWS.

I've collected some interesting tests and other stuff and when I am not sure where to put them they end up here in a list.

I've been writing code for many years, so there isn't much I haven't done. I am certified in JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3 by W3 and 2 mongo certifications, Ember training, Angular training, and I've studied lots of other things.

I am a Mensa member since I was 8 years old.

Where appropriate below I've included some example coding exercises I've been asked to do recently. I include these to illustrate that my abilities are sound, my knowledge well rounded.

Above all I am a people person. I am driven to motivate and inspire the creation of really great software, hopefully, that changes things for the better.

These are my value adds. Above all, I bring leadership.

Which is the next in the series

Go ahead!

Code samples in various frameworks

JQuery using YQLfor a company in So CalRSS Reader
Bootstrap toolkityo generator-webappEmma ML/AI Bot UI
EmberEmber 2.x ember-cli generatedcoming soon
AngularAngular 4.x angular.cli generated TOHNG 4.x TOH
ReactReact tic-tac-toeTic-Tac-Toe
node expressnode express triplestore CRUD ReSTful APICheck github for doc
Angular 5NG5 app to use the above triplestore CRUD ReSTful APITriples

Simpler plain javacript tests below

Simple Code Samples

These examples illustrate algorithms and object orientation or which I do think are important. Above I've included samples as I am able in various frameworks that I know well.

  • Functional programming?

    "Whats a borne shell?"

  • Reverse a string

    Reverse a string, no kidding someone gave this as a test.

    Type something:
  • Sums to 100

    Search a collection of numbers for pairs that sum to 100, show each unique pair

  • Inheritance

    Various code to demonstrate proper use of inheritance and new.

  • AJAX calls

    Note: new endpoint from WeatherUnderground, output parsing is partial.

    And the ubiquitous XHR requests, JQ promises are odd but servicable...