Code Samples

Code Samples, Experiments and Etc

This is a gulp based project hosted on AWS.

I don't feel basic competency testing is productive, but then I don't hire interns. I've collected some interesting tests and other stuff and when I am not sure where to put them they end up here in a list.

I've been writing code for many years, so there isn't much I haven't done. I am certified in JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3 by W3 and 2 mongo certifications, Ember training, Angular training, and I've studied lots of other things.

I am a Mensa member, my IQ in the range of 185-191.

Where appropriate below I've included some example coding exercises I've been asked to do recently. I include these to illustrate that my abilities are sound, my knowledge well rounded.

Above all I am a people person. I am driven to motivate and inspire the creation of really great software, hopefully, that changes things for the better.

These are my value adds. Above all, I bring leadership.

Which is the next in the series

Go ahead!

Code samples in various frameworks

JQuery using YQLfor a company in So CalRSS Reader
Bootstrap toolkityo generator-webappEmma ML/AI Bot UI
EmberEmber 2.x ember-cli generatedcoming soon
AngularAngular 4.x angular.cli generatedcoming soon
ReactReact tic-tac-toeTic-Tac-Toe

Simpler plain javacript tests below

Simple Code Samples

These examples illustrate algorithms and object orientation or which I do think are important. Above I've included samples as I am able in various frameworks that I know well.

  • Functional programming?

    "Whats a borne shell?"

  • Reverse a string

    Reverse a string, no kidding someone gave this as a test.

    Type something:
  • Sums to 100

    Search a collection of numbers for pairs that sum to 100, show each unique pair

  • Inheritance

    Various code to demonstrate proper use of inheritance and new.

  • AJAX calls

    Note: the endpoint is currently offine, I've neutered the run buttons.

    And the ubiquitous XHR requests, JQ promises are odd but servicable...