Code Samples

Code Samples, Experiments and Etc

This is a gulp based project hosted on AWS.

If you have this link, then I have probably contacted you in reference a new opportunity. In the interview process often coding competence is tested. I collect them when I am asked so that hopefully each time this process goes quicker.

I've been writing code for many years, so there isnt much I haven't done.

I am a mensa member, my IQ in the range of 185-191.

I am certified in JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3 by W3, and 2 mongo certifications

My strengths are team building and leadership. I'm a people person.

Code samples in various frameworks

JQuery using YQLfor a company in So CalRSS Reader
Bootstrap toolkityo generator-webappEmma ML/AI Bot UI
EmberEmber 2.x ember-cli generatedcoming soon
AngularAngular 2.x angular.cli generatedcoming soon
ReactReact generatedcoming soon

Simpler plain javacript tests below

Simple Code Tests

  • Sums to 100
  • Search a collection of numbers for pairs that sum to 100, show each unique pair

  • Inheritance
  • Various code to demonstrate proper use of inheritance and new.

  • AJAX calls
  • And the ubiquitous XHR requests, JQ promises are odd but servicable...